About us

After experimenting with natural dyeing in the early 1980s, Gill discovered Gaywool dyes and started random-dyeing fleece in bright colours for spinners. Fibreworks was born and now provides hand dyed yarn and fibres to knitters, spinners, felters, embroiderers and textile artists in 20 colour combinations. Gill is based on the edge of the Grampians in western Victoria and does all the dyeing herself by hand.

This blog is mainly written by Gill’s daughter, Danielle, who has a better internet connection and can type faster. After being unsuccessfully taught to knit as a (left-handed) child by her (right-handed) grandmother, Danielle grew up in a house full of wool and has recently rediscovered her love of knitting, thanks in part to the explosion of knitting sites on the web and the wool section of the Bon Marche department store in Paris.


2 Responses to About us

  1. sue davidson says:

    My daughter is interested in making felted articles. Is it possible to see on your site,the colours you have in stock, and their prices.

    • fibreworks says:

      Hi Sue, we have 100% merino wool tops for sale on our website (www.fibreworks.net.au, then follow the links to Fibres for prices and details) which are perfect for felting. They come in all our 20 colour schemes (see the Colours page on our website).

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